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Blume des Lebens - Silberkette
Blume des Lebens - Silberkette




Bezaubernde OM-Armbänder, Mala Ketten
aus Indien & Nepal, wunderschöne Vintage
Ketten mit Liebe zum Detail. Machen sie sich
oder ihren Lieben eine Freude. direkt shoppen



We are all here in this time in space sharing one and the same experience.
Witnessing the evolution of humanity and consciousness together in unity.

Each one of us 
having our own personal experiences each story of us being 
unique, no two experiences alike sometimes beautiful sometimes painful 
sometimes intense.

All of us sharing the same dreams and aspirations
to experience love and
in our lives this is the time to come together and assist one another
in our 
human journey.

By creating
 harmony, peace and coherence through love and the power of
single frequency to bring healing into our lives, our bodies, our mind, our
spirit and our planet.


All we need is LOVE. How do we get there?

By remembering the power of our hearts and the power of love.

Feeling the love that already exists within all of us and from there
to one another to create harmony and coherence love and compassion what
we have been told...
in the beginning there was...the word...a sound...
a frequency 
the OM.



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Waldbaden - forest bathing

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