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Auserwählte Yoga Bekleidung wie Spirituelle Symbole, welche eine
besondere Bedeutung in sich tragen... Wir wünschen Ihnen Freude
und Inspiration mit unseren neuen Yoga Shop Produkten.






Yoga is the synergy between body, mind and spirit. This union results in harmony,
clarity and happiness, the nature of our true self.

Being aware of our true self allows us to accept who we are, our karma an our life
circumstances that we are born into.


You can't separate peace from freedom because no one
can be at peace unless he has his freedom...  
Love & Light

Aquila Camenzind
Founder & Owner



 >  Video Yoga Shop Spring Tale  -  "MEIN YOGA - MEINE OASE"
> Video Yoga Shop Spring Tale - "MEIN YOGA - MEINE OASE"
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Online Shop

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